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Experts in property security and remote monitoring. We help protect personnel and properties for thousands of properties, and sites across the UK, providing a bespoke service and complete peace of mind.

The security and surveillance industry has changed, and solutions have moved beyond basic alarm systems.

The quality of Live video surveillance has increased visibility for organizations that want to safeguard their people, assets, and buildings.

Remote Monitoring is a modern & affordable solution that enables both private and public organizations to securely monitor facilities and public spaces in real-time.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is helping us to create safer working environments, homes, and businesses using smart security and surveillance solutions.

Providing remote camera surveillance guarding and 24/7 monitored security for your property, assets and personnel at an affordable price.

Spyderbomb Security

Monitored Security Surveillance UK

  • Providing a safe working environment for your existing staff.
  • Aiding & Enabling onsite security to be at their most efficient and vigilant.
  • Protecting your assets.
  • Alerting to the unwanted presence on remote & isolated farmland, playing fields, and rural areas.
  • Deter and alert to the entering of empty or vacant properties.
  • Provide visual proof and real-time notification of arrivals and departure of all staff, guests, deliveries, collections as well as unwanted visitors.
  • Visual Security for out-of-hours industrial units, factories, and businesses.
  • Immediate alert and response to vandalism and damage to property.
  • Visual deterrence & prevention of flytipping.
  • Provide documented evidence of prosecutable actions.
  • Protect buildings and construction sites from the theft of materials and tools.
  • Watch & Monitor heavy plant machinery.
  • Alert to immediate arrival of travelers or potential squatters.
  • React immediately to secure and prevent additional unwanted guests.
  • Visual peace of mind for animal welfare and safety.
  • Monitor hazardous to life areas, roads, runways, airports, mining sites, cliffs, and rivers.
  • Modern Remote Security Surveillance

Modern Remote Security Surveillance

Remote Property

  • Deter and Reduce Risk
  • Alert to immediate Threat
  • Initiate Instant Response
  • Secure Evidence Offsite
  • Protect & Reassure staff

State of the Art Security

Remotely Monitored security and surveillance uses motion-detection cameras with in-built wifi & mobile phone technology to capture, transmit and communicate with.

When the camera is triggered by the movement it captures an image or footage of the event.

This image is immediately and automatically sent to our offsite monitoring team as well as any onsite security personnel present for immediate analysis.

The image is received with an alarm notification and is verified for threat.

If a security breach is perceived then the situation is escalated as required and any onsite security present are contacted for confirmation of awareness.

When appropriate the Police are notified and supporting footage is sent directly to aid identification and apprehension.

All footage and images are instantly saved off-site thus safely protecting evidence of ​​the incident. 

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Nationwide Modern Remote Security Surveillance

Securing industrial properties offers various benefits, including:

  1. Asset Protection: Industrial properties often house valuable equipment, machinery, and inventory. Security measures help protect these assets from theft, vandalism, or damage.

  2. Employee Safety: A secure environment promotes the safety of employees working in industrial facilities. Surveillance systems and access controls contribute to a safer workplace.

  3. Risk Mitigation: Security measures help mitigate potential risks such as unauthorized access, fire hazards, and other safety concerns, reducing the likelihood of accidents or incidents.

  4. Insurance Cost Reduction: Implementing effective security measures may lead to lower insurance premiums, as insurers often offer reduced rates for well-protected properties.

  5. Business Continuity: Security measures contribute to business continuity by minimizing disruptions caused by theft, damage, or unauthorized access, ensuring smooth operations.

  6. Legal Compliance: Adhering to security standards and regulations ensures that industrial properties comply with legal requirements, avoiding potential fines or legal complications.

  7. Deterrence of Criminal Activity: Visible security measures, such as surveillance cameras and access control systems, act as deterrents, discouraging criminal activities and unauthorized entry.

  8. Monitoring and Response: Security systems enable real-time monitoring of industrial properties. In case of suspicious activities, prompt responses can be initiated, preventing potential security breaches.

  9. Data Protection: For industries handling sensitive information, security measures safeguard data and intellectual property from theft or unauthorized access.

  10. Enhanced Reputation: Demonstrating a commitment to security enhances the reputation of an industrial property. Clients, partners, and employees are likely to have increased confidence in a well-protected environment.

  11. Emergency Preparedness: Security measures often include emergency response plans, ensuring preparedness for various situations such as fire, natural disasters, or other emergencies.

Investing in industrial property security is a proactive approach to safeguarding assets, ensuring employee well-being, and maintaining the overall integrity of the business operation.

Investing in on-site security provides several benefits for businesses and property owners:

  1. Crime Deterrence: Visible security personnel act as a deterrent to potential criminals. Knowing that a location is actively monitored can discourage unauthorized access, theft, and vandalism.

  2. Quick Response: On-site security personnel can respond swiftly to security threats or emergencies. Their immediate presence enhances the ability to address issues promptly, minimizing potential damage or loss.

  3. Physical Presence: Human presence can be more effective than electronic security measures alone. Security guards can monitor areas, conduct patrols, and address concerns that may not be immediately apparent to automated systems.

  4. Emergency Management: On-site security personnel are trained to handle emergencies such as fires, medical incidents, or natural disasters. Their presence ensures a quicker and more organized response to unforeseen events.

  5. Access Control: Security guards can manage access points, ensuring that only authorized individuals enter the premises. This helps prevent unauthorized entry and protects sensitive areas within the property.

  6. Customer and Employee Safety: On-site security contributes to a safer environment for both customers and employees. This sense of security can positively impact the overall experience and satisfaction of those interacting with the business.

  7. Customized Security Solutions: On-site security allows for tailored security solutions based on the specific needs and vulnerabilities of the property. Guards can adapt their strategies to address evolving security challenges.

  8. Asset Protection: Security personnel can actively monitor and protect valuable assets, equipment, and inventory on-site, reducing the risk of theft or damage.

  9. Surveillance and Reporting: Security guards can provide real-time surveillance, reporting any suspicious activities or potential security breaches. This proactive approach helps in preventing incidents before they escalate.

  10. Liability Reduction: Having on-site security measures in place may reduce liability concerns for property owners. It demonstrates a commitment to safety and security, which can be advantageous in legal and insurance matters.

  11. Increased Peace of Mind: Knowing that there is a physical presence dedicated to security provides peace of mind for property owners, tenants, employees, and visitors.

While electronic security systems are valuable, combining them with on-site security personnel creates a comprehensive security strategy that addresses both technological and human aspects of protection.

Security risks on industrial sites can vary, and it's essential to identify and mitigate them to ensure the safety of personnel, protect assets, and maintain smooth operations. Here are some examples of security risks in industrial settings:

  1. Unauthorized Access: Intruders gaining access to the facility, either by bypassing physical barriers or exploiting vulnerabilities in electronic access control systems.

  2. Theft of Equipment and Materials: Valuable machinery, tools, and raw materials are susceptible to theft, potentially causing financial losses and disruption to operations.

  3. Vandalism: Deliberate damage to property, machinery, or infrastructure, which can result in downtime and repair costs.

  4. Sabotage: Intentional destruction of equipment or systems, often with the aim of disrupting operations, causing financial harm, or gaining a competitive advantage.

  5. Cybersecurity Threats: Industrial control systems (ICS) and connected devices are vulnerable to cyberattacks, which could lead to production disruptions, data breaches, or compromise of critical systems.

  6. Insider Threats: Employees, contractors, or vendors with malicious intent or negligence can pose a risk by intentionally causing harm, stealing information, or compromising security.

  7. Trespassing: Unauthorized individuals entering the premises, potentially compromising safety and security protocols.

  8. Environmental Hazards: Industrial sites may handle hazardous materials. Accidental spills, leaks, or mishandling of these substances can lead to safety and environmental risks.

  9. Supply Chain Vulnerabilities: Weaknesses in the supply chain, including unsecured transportation routes, can expose industrial facilities to theft, sabotage, or other security threats.

  10. Protest or Activism: Industrial sites may become targets for protests, activism, or civil unrest, posing risks to both personnel and property.

  11. Natural Disasters: Industrial sites located in areas prone to natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, or hurricanes face additional security risks, as these events can damage infrastructure and compromise safety.

  12. Lack of Security Training: Insufficient training of personnel on security protocols and procedures can lead to unintentional security breaches and vulnerabilities.

  13. Power Failures: Dependence on consistent power supply makes industrial sites vulnerable to disruptions caused by power outages, potentially impacting security systems and operations.

Identifying and addressing these security risks requires a comprehensive approach, combining physical security measures, cybersecurity protocols, employee training, and emergency response plans. Regular risk assessments and proactive security measures are crucial to mitigating potential threats in industrial settings.


Property Security

Various types of properties may require security measures to protect against potential threats and ensure the safety of occupants, assets, and information. Here's a list of property types that commonly benefit from security measures:

  1. Residential Properties:

    • Homes, apartments, and condominiums.
  2. Commercial Properties:

    • Office buildings, retail stores, and shopping centers.
  3. Industrial Properties:

    • Factories, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.
  4. Educational Institutions:

    • Schools, colleges, and universities.
  5. Healthcare Facilities:

    • Hospitals, clinics, and medical offices.
  6. Government Buildings:

    • Federal, state, and local government offices.
  7. Financial Institutions:

    • Banks, credit unions, and financial offices.
  8. Critical Infrastructure:

    • Power plants, water treatment facilities, and transportation hubs.
  9. Data Centers:

    • Facilities housing servers and IT equipment.
  10. Hotels and Hospitality:

    • Hotels, resorts, and convention centers.
  11. Cultural and Entertainment Venues:

    • Museums, theaters, and sports stadiums.
  12. Transportation Hubs:

    • Airports, train stations, and bus terminals.
  13. Construction Sites:

    • Building sites and construction projects.
  14. Retail Centers:

    • Malls, shopping complexes, and stores.
  15. Vacant Properties:

    • Vacant buildings or land that may be vulnerable to trespassing.
  16. Religious Institutions:

    • Churches, temples, mosques, and synagogues.
  17. Telecommunication Facilities:

    • Cell towers and telecommunication infrastructure.
  18. Technology and Research Centers:

    • Research laboratories and tech development centers.
  19. Pharmaceutical Facilities:

    • Laboratories and manufacturing sites.
  20. Agricultural Properties:

    • Farms, ranches, and agricultural facilities.
  21. Event Spaces:

    • Convention centers, event halls, and exhibition spaces.
  22. Private Residences:

    • High-profile individuals or celebrities may require heightened security at their homes.
  23. Natural Resource Facilities:

    • Oil refineries, mining sites, and logging operations.
  24. Correctional Facilities:

    • Prisons and detention centers.
  25. Embassies and Consulates:

    • Diplomatic missions and government offices abroad.
  26. Militairy Facilities 
    • Disused Airfields, Militairy Bases and MOD Properties.

The specific security measures needed can vary based on the type of property, its location, and the perceived risks. Property owners and managers should conduct thorough risk assessments to determine appropriate security protocols and systems.


Examples of Industrial properties we can supply security for

Industrial properties encompass a diverse range of facilities where various manufacturing, production, or industrial activities take place. Here are different types of industrial properties:

  1. Manufacturing Plants:

    • Facilities where raw materials are transformed into finished goods through various industrial processes.
  2. Warehouses and Distribution Centers:

    • Storage facilities for goods and products, often involved in the distribution and logistics chain.
  3. Factories:

    • Buildings where goods are produced through assembly lines or other manufacturing processes.
  4. Processing Plants:

    • Facilities focused on processing raw materials into intermediate or finished products.
  5. Research and Development (R&D) Centers:

    • Facilities dedicated to research, experimentation, and development of new technologies, products, or processes.
  6. Energy Production Facilities:

    • Power plants, refineries, and other facilities involved in the production of energy.
  7. Mining Sites:

    • Locations where extraction of minerals, ores, or other natural resources takes place.
  8. Chemical Plants:

    • Facilities engaged in the production of chemical products.
  9. Food Processing Plants:

    • Industrial properties focused on processing and packaging food products.
  10. Breweries and Distilleries:

    • Facilities involved in the production of alcoholic beverages.
  11. Textile Mills:

    • Factories or mills engaged in the production of textiles and fabrics.
  12. Metalworking Facilities:

    • Facilities specializing in metal fabrication, welding, and other metalworking processes.
  13. Automotive Manufacturing Plants:

    • Factories dedicated to the assembly and production of automobiles and automotive components.
  14. Aerospace Manufacturing Facilities:

    • Facilities involved in the manufacturing of aircraft, spacecraft, and related components.
  15. Plastic Manufacturing Plants:

    • Industrial properties focused on the production of plastic products.
  16. Printing and Publishing Facilities:

    • Facilities engaged in printing newspapers, books, magazines, and other printed materials.
  17. Woodworking and Furniture Manufacturing:

    • Facilities involved in processing wood and manufacturing furniture.
  18. Electronic Manufacturing Plants:

    • Facilities producing electronic components and devices.
  19. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing:

    • Facilities engaged in the production of pharmaceutical drugs and medical products.
  20. Water Treatment Plants:

    • Facilities dedicated to treating and purifying water for consumption or industrial use.
  21. Paper Mills:

    • Factories involved in the production of paper and paper products.
  22. Renewable Energy Facilities:

    • Wind farms, solar power plants, and other facilities generating renewable energy.
  23. Rubber Manufacturing Plants:

    • Industrial properties engaged in the production of rubber and rubber-based products.

These are just a few examples, and industrial properties can be highly specialized based on the nature of the industrial processes they house. The specific type of property often depends on the industry and the activities conducted within the facility.


Security Services We Can Offer

Security services encompass a wide range of offerings to protect people, property, and information. Here are some common types of security services:

  • Physical Security:

    • Security Guards: Trained personnel for on-site presence, access control, and surveillance.
    • Mobile Patrols: Security officers patrolling designated areas in vehicles.
    • Event Security: Security for concerts, conferences, and other events.
  • Residential Security:

    • Home Security Systems: Alarms, cameras, and access control for residential properties.
    • Personal Security: Bodyguards or personal security for individuals.
  • Construction Site Security:

    • Construction Site Monitoring: Protection of construction sites and equipment.
  • Electronic Security:

    • Surveillance Systems: CCTV cameras for monitoring and recording.
    • Access Control Systems: Restricting entry to authorized individuals using key cards or biometrics.
    • Intrusion Detection Systems: Sensors to detect unauthorized access.
  • Critical Infrastructure Security:

    • Power Plant Security: Protection of energy facilities.
    • Water Treatment Plant Security: Safeguarding water supply infrastructure.
  • Event Security:

    • Concert Security: Ensuring safety at concerts and entertainment events.
    • Sports Event Security: Security measures at sports stadiums and arenas.
  • Executive Protection:

    • Bodyguard Services: Personal security for high-profile individuals.
  • K-9 Security:

    • Use of trained dogs for detection, tracking, and patrol.
  • Healthcare Security:

    • Hospital Security: Protection of medical facilities, patients, and staff.
  • Educational Institution Security:

    • School Security: Security measures for schools, colleges, and universities.
  • Environmental Security:

    • Environmental Monitoring: Surveillance to detect and prevent environmental hazards.
  • Fire and Life Safety:

    • Fire Safety Services: Prevention, detection, and response to fire incidents.
    • Emergency Response Planning: Developing plans for various emergency scenarios.
  • Information Security:

    • Document Shredding: Secure disposal of sensitive documents.
    • Secure Data Storage: Ensuring secure storage of physical and digital records.
  • Retail Security:

    • Loss Prevention: Measures to prevent theft in retail environments.
    • Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS): Tags and alarms on merchandise.
  • Cybersecurity:

    • Network Security: Protection of computer networks from unauthorized access or cyberattacks.
    • Data Security: Safeguarding sensitive information from theft or unauthorized disclosure.
    • Incident Response: Plans and measures to address and mitigate cybersecurity incidents.
  • Transportation Security:

    • Airport Security: Screening passengers and baggage at airports.
    • Maritime Security: Protection of ships and ports.
  • Investigation Services:

    • Private Investigation: Gathering information for legal, corporate, or personal purposes.

These services can be tailored to meet the specific needs and risks associated with different industries and environments. Organizations often employ a combination of these services to create a comprehensive security strategy.

Security services encompass a broad range of offerings designed to protect people, property, and assets. 

  1. Security Guard Services: 24/7

    • Uniformed guards for on-site presence, access control, and surveillance.
  2. Mobile Patrols:

    • Security officers patrolling designated areas in vehicles.
  3. Event Security:

    • Security personnel for concerts, conferences, and other events.
  4. Executive & Close Protection Services:

    • Personal security (bodyguards) for high-profile individuals
  5. Residential Security:

    • Home security services, including alarm systems and patrols.
  6. Access Control Systems:

    • Restricting entry to authorized individuals using key cards or biometrics.
  7. Surveillance Systems:

    • CCTV cameras for monitoring and recording.
  8. Alarm Response & Monitoring:

    • Remote monitoring of alarm systems with immediate response.
  9. Security Consulting:

    • Risk assessments, security audits, and strategic planning.
  10. K-9 Security:

    • Use of trained dogs for detection, tracking, and patrol.
  11. Property Guardian:
  • Protect the property from anti-social behaviour and incursions.

Security services are often tailored to meet the specific needs of clients, and a combination of these services may be employed to create a comprehensive security strategy.

Wrexham 24/7 Security Services

SIA Accredited Contractors

  • Security Guards
  • 24/7 Live in Guarding
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Maned Guarding 
  • Residential Security
  • Close Protection
  • 24/7 Security Patroles
  • Dog Handlers & K9 Security
  • Alarm Response & Monitoring
  • Events Security
  • Security Consulting

Security Surveillance Services

Property Security ☆ Remote Security ☆ Virtual Security ☆ Monitored Camera Security ☆ Wifi Security Systems ☆ Remote Guarding ☆ 


SpyderBomb 24/7 Security Services

SIA Accredited Contractors

  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Maned Guarding 
  • Security In Residence
  • Close Protection
  • K9 Patroles
  • Venue Security




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