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Experts in property security and remote monitoring. We help protect personnel and properties for thousands of properties, and sites across the UK, providing a bespoke service and complete peace of mind.

The security and surveillance industry has changed, and solutions have moved beyond basic alarm systems.

The quality of Live video surveillance has increased visibility for organizations that want to safeguard their people, assets, and buildings.

Remote Monitoring is a modern & affordable solution that enables both private and public organizations to securely monitor facilities and public spaces in real-time.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is helping us to create safer working environments, homes, and businesses using smart security and surveillance solutions.

Providing remote camera surveillance guarding and 24/7 monitored security for your property, assets and personnel at an affordable price.

Spyderbomb Security

Monitored Security Surveillance UK

  • Providing a safe working environment for your existing staff.
  • Aiding & Enabling onsite security to be at their most efficient and vigilant.
  • Protecting your assets.
  • Alerting to the unwanted presence on remote & isolated farmland, playing fields, and rural areas.
  • Deter and alert to the entering of empty or vacant properties.
  • Provide visual proof and real-time notification of arrivals and departure of all staff, guests, deliveries, collections as well as unwanted visitors.
  • Visual Security for out-of-hours industrial units, factories, and businesses.
  • Immediate alert and response to vandalism and damage to property.
  • Visual deterrence & prevention of flytipping.
  • Provide documented evidence of prosecutable actions.
  • Protect buildings and construction sites from the theft of materials and tools.
  • Watch & Monitor heavy plant machinery.
  • Alert to immediate arrival of travelers or potential squatters.
  • React immediately to secure and prevent additional unwanted guests.
  • Visual peace of mind for animal welfare and safety.
  • Monitor hazardous to life areas, roads, runways, airports, mining sites, cliffs, and rivers.
  • Modern Remote Security Surveillance

Modern Remote Security Surveillance

Remote Property

  • Deter and Reduce Risk
  • Alert to immediate Threat
  • Initiate Instant Response
  • Secure Evidence Offsite
  • Protect & Reassure staff

State of the Art Security

Remotely Monitored security and surveillance uses motion-detection cameras with in-built wifi & mobile phone technology to capture, transmit and communicate with.

When the camera is triggered by the movement it captures an image or footage of the event.

This image is immediately and automatically sent to our offsite monitoring team as well as any onsite security personnel present for immediate analysis.

The image is received with an alarm notification and is verified for threat.

If a security breach is perceived then the situation is escalated as required and any onsite security present are contacted for confirmation of awareness.

When appropriate the Police are notified and supporting footage is sent directly to aid identification and apprehension.

All footage and images are instantly saved off-site thus safely protecting evidence of ​​the incident. 

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Security Surveillance Services

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SpyderBomb 24/7 Security Services

SIA Accredited Contractors

  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Maned Guarding 
  • Security In Residence
  • Close Protection
  • K9 Patroles
  • Venue Security




Spyderbomb 24/7 Security Services

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